www.whatthefuck.com terms of service
by entering and subsequently using this website, you agree to follow these terms without exception. if you don't agree, there's the door. nobody's stopping you. if you happen to break one or all of these terms, the administration (referred to as "we" from here on out) has every right to edit your posts, suspend your account, or anything else we deem necessary to teach you a lesson. however, we're not the l.a. police. we don't go looking for trouble; you fuck up, you deal with the consequences. end of story.

1. do your best not to be retarded.
try to use reasonably accurate spelling and grammar. there's a key by your left pinky marked "caps lock." turn it off, please. only use all fucking caps to emphasize a point. this will ensure that you do not get treated like a pariah and will go far towards your being respected by the wtf community as a whole. trust us.
2. treat regulars with respect.
you'll notice about 50 or so people post pretty much all the time. more often than not, these people have a clue. learn from them both what to do, and what not to do. simply pay attention and you'll get your pilot's wings quickly.
3. tone down that fucking signature.
you'll notice that you can have a signature that will be included in all of your posts. you can put pretty much whatever you want in there to a point. stupidly huge and/or obscene signatures get on everyone's nerves. once yours gets too god-awful, one of us will probably let you know. if you don't do something about it within a reasonable time, we may start editing your posts. you don't want us to do that. we're assholes.
4. watch the racist, sexist, etc. comments.
we're not out to censor anyone (just look at the url name, for fuck's sake). however, some words just aren't kosher 'round these parts. these include, but are not limited to "nigger," "kike," "spic," "slant," among others. this isn't to say that we will do anything if you use this language, but the users probably will. try to keep your nose clean, and you'll be fine.
5. don't be doin' nothin' illegal now.
we'd really rather if the fbi didn't burst through our door and haul us to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. so don't do anything illegal. if you use our site in an illegal manner, we will prosecute. if we happen to catch wind of some sort of plot to blow up the library or something, we'll probably alert some local authorities.
6. have fun.
this term is non-negotiable. this site is for all of you to enjoy. you must do your best to have fun and be happy at all times, if at all possible.
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