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whatthefuck.com was registered on the morning of july 9, 1999, when third party registrars were opened to the public under the direction of ICANN. we had been on a months-long battle with network solutions, formerly internic, trying to get them to allow us a domain name with an obscenity. their loose moral definition, similar to the us fcc, plagued us to no end. why could we register hot-teen-oral-vomit.com, but not whatthefuck.com? the question eludes us to this day, but network solutions received no more of our money.

domain in hand, outzider and abdul quickly whipped together a basic web site, including bare minimum e-mail support, message boards, a really crappy chat system, and personals.

(not a lot has changed.)

we launched on october 7, 1999, hosted by the shitheads at xeran technologies, with a basic web hosting account under a main reseller account. to be honest, we never expected to have so many people interested, but there you guys were. in the span of a week, we saw a few thousand users come in and test the limits of our little site. we didn't have a database, we didn't have an elaborate email system, and we were limited to about 100mb of disk space. things changed pretty fast. by november of that year, we had nearly 5,000 subscribers.

on november 9, 1999, www.whatthefuck.com stopped resolving. after a few days of back and forth, xeran finally admitted that they have a right to shut down any virtual host for any reason they see fit, without any notification. when pressed, they offered up a paragraph of their terms of service that stated that clients could not resell email services, however, the original agreement did not have this byline. www.whatthefuck.com was shut down, the codebase and user information that was there was gone, and we had a week old backup to go by. xeran was rude, unprofessional, and undeserving of any more money, so all of our reseller business was removed from xeran's servers soon after.

we soon assembled our own machine, with a copy of red hat linux and apache, and sent it off to a budget colocation provider. by december 20, 1999, we were back online and ready to go again, but it was hard to recover from over a month and a half of downtime. the users came pouring in, and the rest was history.

a lot of time has passed, with one of the founders stepping away from things, and another losing interest over time. the sparks are flying again at wtf, with a brand new site redesign and recode that went live in november, 2007. as it's just one person with a full time job, going is slow, but we're tying down the last bits to recreate what we had way back in 1999. stay tuned, as the ninth anniversary will bring a full email implementation again. www.whatthefuck.com endures.

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