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questions and support 156 4 have a question, having a problem, or seeing a bug? check here.
mcleary's 32486 2's own local bar. this one is our users' answer to the chat room.
movies 6857 2 discussion of movies, old and new, popular and not quite there yet.
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introductions 851 0 new to, or just coming back? introduce yourself to the population.
debate - we already know you like to argue, it's why you're here.
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battle of the genders 3130 0 males against females, in another timeless battle.
philosophy 7435 0 pure unfiltered philisophical debate.
politics 8904 0 a touchy subject on a touchy site, the political debate never ends.
religion 12002 0 mono or poly, in groups or by one's self. it isn't sex, but it's just as personal.
$@#% you! 16042 0 the timeless, endless piece of the online world: the flame room.
general - general discussions, debates, and bullshit.
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animals 1240 0 general animal, pet, and people discussion.
cars 6081 0 cars, trucks, motorcycles: maintenance, upgrades, and general help.
food 709 0 recipes and nutritional information, by pros and otherwise.
for sale/wanted 563 0 items for sale, desired, or available for auction.
general discussion 39276 0 a general discussion board containing ego trips, mindless rants, and topics unrelated to any other board.
health 1593 0 the health of one's body, medically, herbally, or whatever floats your boat.
inebriated ramblings 1055 0 you can't see this anyway.
is it a bad thing when 9692 0 a board where users ask the famous open ended question, and actually formulate an answer.
jokes 5014 0 share a few jokes, a little humor, or just another big dick joke.
literature 1343 0 discussing writings, poetry, or any excuse for scrawls on a page.
mcleary's 32486 0's own local bar. this one is our users' answer to the chat room.
military discussion 1520 0 military issues and observations, around the world.
movies 6857 0 discussion of movies, old and new, popular and not quite there yet.
music 5407 0 anything new and different in the musical world.
my day kicked ass because 15741 0 why does one's day, week, month, or whole life kick ass?
my day sucked because 25543 0 why does one's day, week, month, or whole life suck?
parenting 69 0 we're getting older, and spawning. crap.
so i was bangin' this... 13403 0 share your sexual stories, facetious or not-so-unbelievable.
sports 327 0 games and events, playing professionally or otherwise.
substances 1997 0 it's always the simple things... drugs, alcohol, what-have-you...
television - no spoilers 159 0 a forum for old and new television shows, series, and even a few pilots (spoliers are not allowed on this board)
television - spoilers 47 0 a forum for old and new television shows, series, and even a few pilots (warning -- spoilers are allowed on this board)
therapy 71 0 sometimes, you need a place where nobody knows your name. seek help here.
writings 8349 0 share your literary skills, or simply bask in others'.
columns - discussing the rants from someone else's mind.
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disenchantech 2 0 dpu takes on technology and nerding, and wants your vote to move forward. should he be a columnist?
generic political column 89 0 a new potential column from oZ and homeslice, with some fact and mostly opinion about today's modern US political clusterfuck.
my column(...) 32 0 "my column, let me show you it": homeslice, a member of the site since the dawn of time, writes about whatever he feels like, whenever he wants.
the adventures of the damned(...) 16 0 kai combines fiction with ranting and raving to give you a thought provoking, irreverent, and random column.
the dogs of war 16 0 grasshead takes on current technology news and opinion, and wants your vote to succeed. should he be a columnist?
the monday wtf 25 0 every monday, we highlight some of the biggest whatthefuck moments from the last week, provided by our findings and user contributions.
what 316 0 "what": outZider is about as good of a columnist as he is an admin. discuss his tribulations here.
groups - bask in the knowledge that others are just as fucked as yourself.
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body modifications 2059 0 those with a strong need for needles, rings, barbells, and ink.
college 1287 0 those of all ages, sharing in their [coughs] higher education.
gamers 1039 0 and all the gamers come together, online and off.
GLBT 1760 0 gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender. it's like a romp, only completely different.
romance circle 2980 0 romantic advice, stories, and those just looking for a date.
sexual deviants 6072 0 sex beyond the realm of the societal 'norm'.
teen chat 4760 0 like its aol namesake, and just as wholesome.
thirty somethings 455 0 old enough to know better, young enough not to care
twenty somethings 1605 0 those of us who are caught between childhood and whatever else.
technology - the geeks can spew their technobabble in one secluded area.
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hardware 181 0 for all the hz junkies, speak of the newest video cards and the geekiest cpus
linux/bsd/unix 1103 0 linux and *bsd on any platform.
mac os 633 0 apple macintosh, the clones, and the mac os.
mobile 114 0 discuss new cell phones, mobile communications, pdas, and other cool mobile tech
programming 2013 0 sharing source, fielding questions, and senseless drivel.
science and technology 1469 0 discussion of issues related to science and technology; past and present.
windows 3243 0 microsoft's windows operating system and the associated evils.
locations - we do travel away from the computer... occasionally.... maybe?
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boston 202 0 united states, massachusetts, boston
calgary 465 0 canada, alberta, calgary
california 182 0 united states, california
chicago 369 0 united states, illinois, chicago
cleveland 121 0 united states, ohio, cleveland
denver 108 0 united states, colorado, denver
las vegas 33 0 united states, nevada, las vegas
miami 103 0 united states, florida, miami
minneapolis/st. paul 2295 0 united states, minnesota, minneapolis/st. paul
new york city 223 0 united states, new york, new york city
philadelphia 41 0 united states, pennsylvania, philadelphia
phoenix 320 0 united states, arizona, phoenix
seattle 729 0 united states, washington, seattle
texas 1084 0 united states, texas
toronto 220 0 canada, ontario, toronto
vancouver 182 0 canada, british columbia, vancouver
washington d.c. 347 0 united states, washington d.c. - how do we suck? let us count the ways...
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announcements 64 0 announcements from the administration. [read-only].
new wtf 11 0 a board that looks like a blog, on the development of wtf 5
questions and support 156 0 have a question, having a problem, or seeing a bug? check here.
suggestions 3782 0 suggest a new feature or a change to an existing feature.
updates 75 0 so we don't clutter up the boards, version updates are listed here.
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