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subject: music that doesn't totally suck
Who Is Elmo Blatch if you want "emo that doesn't suck".

Lately I've been really digging the virtual melodic heavy metal band Deathmole, you can find a pretty good selection of "their" stuff on

Radiohead just makes me peach. From The Bends through In Rainbows, there is a Radiohead album to fit almost every mood. has been a good source for a lot of the indy bands I have enjoyed lately, with a smattering of off-the-trail but popular stuff.
Iron and Wine is usually nice. Neko Chase. Obadiah Parker. JoCo (Jonathan Coulton) if you are feeling a bit geeky.
My First Earthquake if you want some eurotrash, Casio keyboard goodness.
Their selection of anti-folk is worth perusing.
They also have an intriguing selection of R&B/hiphop, not gangsta-gangbanger stuff, but some really intelligent, mellow and accessible stuff, for example check out Philadelphia Slick. Or if you enjoy the dj mix variety, they have a few tracks from Girltalk (but admittedly not their best material). Also check out DJ Catalyst, BEARBOT, and ugress.

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