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Here we are, here you are. We are here, and I am tired. For God supposedly worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th. I've been working for about a month, so I deserve a goddamned vacation. But, since this isn't exactly a full time job, but more of a hobby to share with some friends, I'm screwed into writing this letter instead of doing something important. For instance, sleeping... it has become a lost art in the past few weeks, and I would like to have it back. But, enough of my incessant ranting. You've heard enough.

I am outzider, Lead Programmer for A lot of what you see around here is my fault. A lot of the problems are my fault. A lot of them aren't, but you probably blamed them on me anyway, so I'll take the credit. =) This would be why I'm sitting here, writing this. Surprised that I can capitalize? So am I.

My writings are going nowhere... fast. But, I guess that's the point. I'm just introducing you to me and our little site here. Feel free to look around, check us out, let us know of the bugs. is one big beta test. Enjoy it, because it's the only beta you'll ever use that won't fry your hard drive or anything like that. The only Java we use is for the chat room, and we don't believe in ActiveX. Have fun.

Perhaps I'll be less... random next time around. But, I just got done with six hours of coding, HTMLing, and other activities. It's time for bed.

Thanks for stopping by. =o)

- me
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