happy fucking new year.

the new year is fast approaching... at least for us. europe and asia have passed that wonderful milestone without a hitch, and i'm hoping the same for the united states and everyone else on our side of the world. whatthefuck.com has had a few strange points, but we hope to begin the new year with some cool shit, for lack of better words.

i would like to wish everyone a happy new year.... may the new year bring you happiness, love, and more members to whatthefuck.com. we love you guys. no, seriously. =)

- the outZider

outzider, the lead administrator of whatthefuck.com, only writes when he's bored or pissed off. he contributes to site announcement, board bullshit, and is also attempting to be a political columnist. you may send comments, questions, or suggestions to him at outzider@whatthefuck.com.
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