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Outward appearance vs. character

This is a very interesting topic. Does outward appearance reflect character? I will as promised tackle this topic with the usual thoroughness, first from a scientific approach, then my opinion. Ticallion79 Gave this topic to me, and thanks goes out to him. His opinion is that outside opinion is void as it pertains to what he is like inside. "Rarely does outside appearance accurately gauge individual character." Then again, this is coming from a guy with more shit pinned to his face than an acupuncturist with self-mutilation tendencies. Take what you will from that.

To get an educated opinion on this issue I scheduled an appointment with a university psychologist on staff at ASU. I went under the guise of a newspaper columnist, one Mr. Kent. *cough* He was helpful, up until the point where he kicked me out.

Dr. Adrian Cronour, Behavioral Psychologist.

GW: Hey, Adrian Crounour, like the guy in Good morning Vietnam.

AC: Yeah, yeah... I know... like the guy in good morning Vietnam. You're Clark? From the newspaper?

GW: That's me, Dr. Cronuor, those credentials on your wall looked a bit fabricated.

AC: Excuse me? Who did you say you were with?

GW: The Phoenix Tribune, never mind, I have come here today to ask you a bit about your opinion on the relation of physical appearance to a person's character. What does this relationship mean to you?

AC: Well, Generally speaking one's internal character manifests itself in one's appearance, usually in the manner of clothing, and in the more extreme cases body shape, for example obesity, anorexia, muscular development and ritual marking like tattoos and scarification.

GW: So basically what you're saying is that if you have a rebellious and or abnormal nature you will tattoo or pierce yourself and if your fat, you just hate yourself?

AC: As for the abnormal nature spectrum, I believe that is fairly accurate. Aside from that, it is not usually that simple, with obesity, there are insinuating circumstances, such as chemical disorders, and deep seeded psychological issues.

GW: Isn't that what I just said?

AC: Yeah.

GW: SO for example, say I pierced my tongue, got a Metallica tattoo across my back, shaved my head, and wore biker boots with a "fuck you" hat. In that case you would maintain that I am a social deviant. My individual character would reflect that I would lie cheat and steal. Basically, that my moral values would run parallel with the stereotype in which I chose to fall into. Though, I don't own a "fuck you" hat, so I guess that's out of the question.

AC: Ummm, could we maintain a professional medium please?

GW: Whatever... lets move back to the question please sir.

AC: *long pause*

GW: *shit eating grin*

AC: ...yes, my standpoint is that those who choose to decorate themselves in a manner that reflect a certain stereotype, have a character that evolves around that same vein.

GW: Excellent, What about Danny Zuko?

AC: Who?

GW: Y'know Travolta's character from Grease? He was a nice guy hiding behind a rough exterior.

AC: Ahhh... good example. In this instance the person in question was pressures into a stereotype for survival, he moved into a neighborhood where the social norm for his age group was the "outsider" look, so in order to thrive he had to take on that facade.

GW: Ah, but it was a facade, not the real him. Roll that up in your diploma and smoke it.

AC: No, no, look at what he did to his lady friend. In real life that type of action would not have alleviated, he would have continued such behavior. See, it was a movie. It had to be written with a happy ending. In order to ensure his own survival, to thrive, he had to maintain the moral set of values that accompanied his manner of dress and demeanor. Eventually the facade would have dropped, as he would no longer even have the attitudes he once had, having acted for so long in the manner he did, eventually he would become his role.

GW: Ok, I get it. If it looks like shit, and it smells like shit... don't fucking taste it, it's probably shit.

AC: *flustered* ok, if that's all you have, I'm a busy man; my secretary will show you out.

GW: But...

AC: Thank you....

GW: Uh huh.

As I left, he was picking up the phone undoubtedly to call my "supervisor" at the tribune. Well when all is said and done, I personally cannot help but agree. I was in the "goth" scene for quite some time, I dressed in black, wore black makeup, chains and all that. I acted morose and dark and generally stupid. Though some of those traits have followed me after leaving that lifestyle, I cannot say I am that person today. Today, I am clean cut and professional looking. Point being, when you wear clothes or alter your appearance to fit a lifestyle, the lifestyle begins to wear you. If you lay down with dogs, then you're going to get up with fleas. You wipe shit on yourself, your gonna stink. You use to many euphemisms in one paragraph you look stupid.

Thanks for the E-mails I did get I will save the ones I did not use for a slow week. Ok folks, keep those E-mails rolling, I love to hear from you.
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