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Us and Them

Alright... I promised some of you a funny column this week... Well fuck promises. I have a bug up my ass tonight and that bug is named racism. I am sick and fucking tired and I'm going to go off like a god damn stick of dynamite. If you're a bleeding heart bitch. Log off and fuck off, this is not for you. IF I get one fucking piece of mail with ANYTHING remotely to the effect of "You *snivel* can not say those things" I will personally hunt you down and show you exactly what I can and cannot say by way of scarification.

Lemmie get something out of the way.

Nigger, jigaboo, coon, jungle bunny, spear chucker, darkie, kike, wop, slant, chink, phlip, slope, charlie, gook, polock, ruskie, limey, wet-back, beaner, spic, fag, queer, butt-gunner, pillow biter, alabama porch monkey, jap, nip, cracker, honkey, white bread, camel jockey, rag head, Turbanator, dot head, dikes, lezbos, sand nigger, dune coon, slicks and mother fucking frogs.

There. I said it. Cry about it. They are just fucking words, one or two syllable strings of vowels and consonants. Read it again. Offended? Stick it in your ear.

Hate is a good thing... what is hate? I asked a friend and fellow whatthefucker, Kissmyass, what hate was and he had this to say:


The word 'hate' is used all to often in language today. It's used so often that it has lost it's potency. I mean, when someone says they hate something/someone, they usually mean that they just feel a strong dislike. Real hate cannot be conveyed by just saying the word 'hate' anymore. It sickens me to see the word abused this way, when I say the word hate, I want whoever I say it to to be offended. Hate to me isn't just being pissed at someone, hate is taking a baseball bat, cracking the dirty bastard's kneecaps like a couple of peanut husks. Then, while he's lying there on the ground crying like a little bitch, you smash the hand he's grabbing his knee with. After he's in blinding pain from that, give him a quick shot in the throat to temporarily cut off his air supply so he can't scream so loud when you bring out the tampons and waterhose. You're probably asking "What are the tampons and waterhose for?!?" Well, before he can fully breathe again, find some sick bastard to shove the tampons up his ass, then, connect the waterhose to the spicket, turn it on and just watch the look on his face. THAT'S what you do to a sonofabitch when you HATE him. And that's just mild hate. Excessive hate involves a rat, some duct tape, surgical gloves, a scalpel and some tie-downs.......

Fuck yeah. That's what hate should be. Pure raw unadulterated malice. I asked him this before I told him what the column was about... and did he mention ANYTHING about what kind of person he dreams of doing this to? Nope. Any motherfuckers good enough to hate given the right reason. If you gotta hate, I'm sorry for you, but do it the right way... now.. the wrong way.

Racism. Who's racist? Everyone who fits any of those words at the top. If you are one of those things, basically you are racist. The only thing that makes a racist is believing that you are one of those things in the eyes of someone else. All you fucking niggers and slopes and beaners, YOU'RE the racists. You and your unforgiving of your self imposed label. You walk around and say that you are a human being, you spout the old quote, "If you prick me do I not bleed." While in a dark closet somewhere in the recesses of your mind you are afraid someone might in their wildest dreams, pigeonhole you with a label or stereotype you don't like. that tiny fear, that insignificant miniscule notion, make you resent ME and every one in every race but yours.

Us and them. You know, that's the bottom line. The major thing that causes someone to hate another race, is the fact that you are part of a minority that suffers phantom oppression. This bonding of people alike in color or shape, promotes brotherhood, and eventually the deadly "Us and them." Now you have a rallying force, and there's a man keeping you down. Who? They don't fucking care. Who ever's convenient. And guess who that is? The perpetuators of your bullshit oppression. As for you "niggers" you hate whites, because 50 years ago we were assholes, and 50 years before that you were our bought bitches. Guess what? It ain't that way anymore. We abhor slavery now, christ, we fought the bloodiest war of our history to make it so. (Technically) And now you are given every opportunity to do everything any other human being is entitled to do. Shit, MORE. Americans are still atoning for our atrocities, and with smiles on our faces. We bear the weight of the NAACP's hypocrisy with out a damn word. We let the ACLU run apeshit on our lives and our art, our freedom for Christ's sake, so we can atone. We do all this without so much as a grumble of malcontent. Yet where has it gotten us? Nowhere. We don't expect you to forget. But we expect you to forgive. Until you can put aside what happened to your grandparents parents, the schism will never heal. While I'm on the black racists back's here, Fuck this nigger shit. That double standard is as tired as hell. You don't want me to call you a nigger? Fine. I respect that. DON'T FUCKING SAY IT YOURSELF. If you call each other niggers, your as fucking bad as if I dressed in a rebel god damn flag and carried a blow torch walking down the street torching anyone not white while singing, "Get your crispy fried darkie bits." Every time you think to let the dreaded unholy "N" word cross your lips, just think that your not only keeping the ignorance of racism rolling, but you're making a mockery of what your forefathers fought and died to break free from.

Don't think I'm just picking on "african americans" here. Examples like this are far too frequent all over the world and in all races. It's all about letting go of the Hate. Moving on.

Thankfully I DO see the world moving away form the oppression excuse, its still there and kicking, but fading. That's ok. There's plenty of reasons to hate. (That statement was not serious, for those sarcastically impaired) Us and them. Cliques. This promotes hate and separatist tendancies more and more. You're not one of us, so you're one of THEM. This shit makes me lose faith in humanity all together. It's still hating for color or whatever. Still racism. I know all of you agree but I still have to say that it makes no sense. Everyone's seen "Blue eyes, brown eyes." Who was not appalled? Fuck it, I'm rambling.

Once again; If we can lose the cliques, if we can lose the separation of Us and them. WE can do it. Shit, I don't expect this column to change anything, but I needed to say it with an audience. My opinion, of you can pull a trigger, if you can fight till you die, if you can learn from your mistakes and hold your honor high. Then hell, you can stand with me anytime. If you are truthful and good and want for others before yourself, live life to the fullest and love with every ounce of your being. Then I will break bread with you. If you even ASPIRE to these things honestly. You are my friend.

This is the worst string of crap I have ever penned as far as a column, but like I said I needed to say it and in the manner I did. I apologise for nothing except the poor manner in which it was constructed and the fact that its 4am. There will be no column next week, I am going to be moving to Chicago next week, and frankly I will not have time. I will have time to do a combo bit with Ripe-with-Decay that I think you will all enjoy, yes, its a funny one. So look for that next Saturday. (Fuck it, I'm not gonna proof read this.) Until then friends...

Hate for ideals, not for aesthetics. Or whatthefuck ever.

Grey Warden, calling from somewhere in the vast unknown of the internet, will be publishing every other week or so, depending on your requests. while cynical at some times, thoughtful at others, Grey Warden is a welcome addition to the team.
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