as much as you want to trust the assholes who hang around whatthefuck, there are always a select few assholes that require me to stay up late in the night and fuck with. last night, a security violation was reported to me. some dickhead decided to get creative and access other user accounts, and leave his or her fucking footprints all over the place. we have logs in our sent items, posts to the message boards, etc.

needless to say, we've improved our security routine.

listen, don't be afraid to tell me anything that sounds suspicious. our users do not deserve to be fucked with, and i will not allow it to happen. please, people, be careful with your passwords, log out whenever possible, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that this place is as free as possible while maintaining security. it's a long road ahead, but with your help, it will be good.

- oZ
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