the future of our community...

or, How To Piss Everyone Off!

most of you have been following the interesting thread in our general discussion board over the past week or two. in a small nutshell (i.e. pistachio rather than walnut): outZider has been getting rather sick of this place. sick of the people constantly telling me how shitty it is and the like. i'm also angry at the lack of time i have to work on it. i'm also broke as hell.

get to the point, oZ! what does this mean to the users of

fuck if i know. fuck you, anyway. ;) problem is, i've had a lot of personal issues come up as of late, clouding proper judgment on the site. and you know what? whatever. i don't know what to do right now. i have an interesting chorus saying to let it go, others saying to stay, and others saying to give it away. there are certain positive aspects to each option.

it's hard to dismantle a community. this community is ever-changing, and i tend to be the bane of it all. i can't let it go, though. not now. you see, whether i 'give' it to a user to do something with, sell it to someone to keep wtf alive, or sell it to some porn site, it'll still be my baby doing things i don't want it to do. when i do let it go? perhaps it will be about the money. i don't know. at that point, i likely won't care. the community will move on to another board, to get together and chat. it's not like i won't keep a piece of it alive somehow.

i'm planning on making some more changes soon. there are a lot of bug fixes happening slowly, and Q is still making progress. forgive my lack of time, folks. i have a full time job, and i don't get paid from this. i hardly get paid at my job, because we're pulling things together.

how can you help? we'll be redoing our services soon, in cooperation with my side project, want to support get some web space, host a domain name with us, get a POP box, or just send a donation. more information will happen shortly, i'm sure. ;)

forgive my incoherence and lack of a train of thought. i have too much on my mind right now, and things suck for a bit. give me some time, and things will pan out.

and if they don't? you'll hear about it. don't assume, for it just gets in the way of any kind of progress.
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