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Fucking your mother at light speed!

Update:: The update sucked, the board is crap without a Dell power supply. So, we've updated the web server to a 700 MHz Pentium III, and we're going to hope for the best. Feel like donating? Want to know the current specs?

pandora - web: 700 MHz Pentium III, 512mb RAM, 60 gig combined hard drive space. FreeBSD 4.6. Ubench Score: 37023 CPU, 30814 MEM, 33918 AVG.

lisa - db: 1.5 GHz Pentium IV, 768mb RAM, 60 gig hard drive space. FreeBSD 4.8. Ubench Score: 50603 CPU, 55073 MEM, 52838 AVG.

isis - mail: 566 MHz Celeron, 256mb RAM, 60 gig hard drive space. FreeBSD 4.8. Ubench Score: 28423 CPU, 24006 MEM, 26214 AVG.

Hey, kids!

Time for a cute little message from your fun little happy snookum Administrator!

Yes it is! Ohhhh yes it is! *snuggle* *snuggle*


At around 3:00 pm, US Central Time, will be down for about five minutes while we move the drives to a backup system. If the backup system boots, will be back up, just slow. If it doesn't, will be down. We're going to be replacing the aging 400 MHz processor in the web server with a Pentium III 1.0 GHz system. This will result in much faster web page processing and system maintenance.

This calls as a bit of a reminder that is always in need of donations. The 1.0 GHz board comes to us courtesy of poae, and we always accept hardware donations. So, if you can't donate any money, but have any spare hardware, send it our way.

What are we looking for?

  • 1U or 2U rackmount cases
  • Motherboards and processors, 1 GHz or better
  • IDE or SCSI hard drives, 30 gig or better
  • Power Macintosh G3 or better, plus iMacs
  • RAM -- PC133 or DDR, 256mb sticks or better
  • More! Who knows what we need at any given moment.

Mere suggestions, nothing more. If you haven't donated, we understand, we've all been po' or bastards or po' bastards. Either way, there's your heads up. Fuck you all.

- oZ
outzider, the lead administrator of, only writes when he's bored or pissed off. deal with it. you may send comments, questions, or suggestions to him at
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