I fucked your mom

and your mom won.

Hey, kids.

I figured it was time for an update, since things will be changing pretty quickly around here. Really, the changes needed to happen a year ago, but being caught up with life combined with the fact that no one can really help code leaves me to let the site wallow in its own filth.

The fact is, www.whatthefuck.com is dying. And for those familiar with the Slashdot-esque remark, NetCraft has nothing to do with this, but Alexa does. While Alexa is horribly biased, working only with IE on Windows and not at all for AOL users, it's still a fair representation of our users. Last month, 95% of our visits were from Windows clients, 3.1% Mac, 0.9% Linux. IE was dominant with 82.9% of the hits, followed by Firefox with 9%. At least 75% of our traffic is from Windows/IE users, and there is likely a good number of them running some Alexa-based package, whether the toolbar or spyware. What Alexa tells us is that we are not a piddly personal home page, since we're in the top million, but we have fallen way back in traffic. In the past three months, we have dropped in rank by 281,802. It's easy to see why -- the mail is busted, the chat sometimes didn't work, and everyone who tries to enter chat or the message boards is flamed away. The average user comes in, visits twice, and never comes back.

We're going to change that.

Over the past two weeks, two people have come out of the woodwork to try to bring the site back up. And really, we're stuck here with three very large egos with three completely different sets of ideas, but we'll see how it all comes together. I'd like to introduce you to your two new administrators, arielost and poae. I'll still be serving as lead administrator, as well as continuing to develop the next generation of whatthefuck.com. You're going to see quite a few new things from these two shortly, and as this progresses, the site's features will come back as needed. Last night was a great purging, because I'm sick of the incessant whining. The site will return to a state of 'working', and then we'll start getting the word out.

For reference, a breakdown of last month:
Unique visitors: 14346
Number of visits: 24241
Number of hits: 552406

Number of users: 85678
Number of new users: 1423
outzider, the lead administrator of whatthefuck.com, only writes when he's bored or pissed off. deal with it. you may send comments, questions, or suggestions to him at outzider@whatthefuck.com.
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