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the call for columnists: as the new year approaches and the site starts to slowly turn in a new direction, we desperately need more content from more people. want to get your writing out there?


ten years of fart jokes: oZ shows you the wrinkles by his eyes and the white in his beard.


bid now, time's running out!: oZ shows off a few of the new tricks he's learned.


nine more years: oZ reflects on nine whole years of bullshit, and reminisces on when he was young, cared less, and did nothing.

happy holidays

and a merry christmas: oZ wishes you all a merry christmas and happy holidays, and that's about it

welcome back.

in soviet russia, site updates you.

oops, i did it again

trials and tribulations: oZ is on the soapbox, or perhaps a rocky outcropping, showing off the stone tablets of seven years of bad code.

I fucked your mom

and your mom won.: is dead, long live

hushed voices

god damn mother fucker: sure, nothing's been happening. at least we have a good reason.

The Prince is Giving a Ball

Fucking your mother at light speed!: outZider is announcing a bit of possible downtime today, and honing the fine art of begging. [Updated 8:15 pm CT]

the state of the internet

who's your cremepuff?: oZ returns with his semi-regular, drug and alcohol induced update on what's new in the land of Q.

the state of the internet

taking q from the back side: from the back side: outZider busts it out with a board update, donation information, a little downtime, and a brand spankin' new administrator. roundtable followup

kickin' it old school: see the transcript of last night's discussion; whether you weren't there, got pissed off, too tired, or were just plain lazy.

the future of our community...

or, How To Piss Everyone Off!: outZider quells the rumors, spells, noisemakers and party poopers in this fun filled adventure we call

whatthefuck did they just do?

comments in the aftermath of a tragedy...: outZider decided he needed to say something, and since he's an admin, he's going to be an asshole and post it here anyway.

happy fucking valentine's day

outZider would just like to extend his warm wishes on this most blessed of holidays.

happy fucking new year.

hope we come back tomorrow

State of Chaos Address

oZ welcomes you to your new home.

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