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  • why are you doing this?
    no idea. we've been trying to stop for over five years now, but every time we do, we get hate mail. being the conflict lovers we are, we'll pull the shit every year, they'll talk shit, and we'll keep the power to the servers for at least a few more days.
  • are you selling this domain?
    sure. how much are you offering?
  • would you like to make your penis up to 25% larger?
    actually, no. however, i can forward you to my esteemed assistant, homeslice.
  • did you get the idea from denis leary?
    yeah, probably.
  • who are you guys?
    we're a few idiots with nothing better to do than write perl, design database schemas, and play god with a few subscribers who have nothing better to do than come to a purple infused web site. the one writing the faq is outzider, but you never really know who's doing what. i don't even know what's going on anymore.
  • does it cost any money to join?
    c'mon. we couldn't charge for this pile of shite if we tried. the word 'free' is all over the goddamned place, if you read a little, you'd figure it out.

    that being said, some of the site is ad supported, and we do offer some for-pay services. what you see is what you get, though.
  • why can't i access features like chat and email using internet explorer 6?
    your browser sucks. get a new one.

    we understand that some corporate environments still mandate internet explorer 6.0. to that, we have three comments:
    • your workplace's technology department needs to be flogged repeatedly.
    • why are you browsing from work?
    • get a flash drive and put firefox on it.
  • what is
    it looks like a fucking web site to me, genius. what do you think it is? is a content provider, if you get down to it. think yahoo!, only completely different. we offer free e-mail addresses, daily and weekly columns, chat rooms, profiles, mindless shopping, and more message boards than you can shake your cock at. all of this in one easy to use service. no wonder it's number one... or something.
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